Important resources for United States international tax rules for those considering renouncing or relinquishing United States citizenship or abandoning lawful permanent residency

This Blog is intended to provide general information about tax expatriation legal concepts under U.S. law to help readers better understand often very complex issues within the U.S. international tax field for citizens and lawful permanent residents.  General legal information is not the same as legal advice, that is, the concrete application of law to a specific case with unique and particular facts.

Legal advice also should include strategic planning and advice to a particular case.  A legal adviser should be able to assist an individual in taking important decisions and steps, related to the specific goals of the individual, while understanding the legal and tax consequences of each step.  There are a range of consequences that the “U.S. tax expatriation” laws impose upon different types of transactions, transfers, reorganization of assets, etc.  None of these items are discussed in this Blog.

Although the author has taken great care to make sure that the information contained herein is accurate and useful, it is necessary that you consult an experienced attorney to address any particular situation.  Most importantly, if you are contemplating renouncing (or proving relinquishment) of U.S. citizenship or formally abandoning your LPR status, you must get legal advice.  This is a very important decision with a range of complex legal consequences.

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