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Record Number of Americans Renouncing Citizenship Because of Overseas Tax Burdens, (ABC News, 28 Oct. 2014) By –

Hundreds Give Up U.S. Passports After New Tax Rules Start, (Bloomberg, 24 Oct 2014), by – Zoe Schneeweiss and Richard Rubin

‘I was terrified we’d lose all our money’: banks tell US customers they won’t work with Americans, Thousands of Americans abroad are giving up their citizenship as the implementation of a complex new tax law causes banks to shut down accounts for US expatriates  (The Guardian, 24 Sept. 2014), by Siri Srinivas

Wall Street Journal: Expats Left Frustrated as Banks Cut Services Abroad Americans Overseas Struggle With Implications of Crackdown on Money Laundering and Tax Evasion, (The Wall Street Journal, 11 Sept 2014) By –Laura Saunders

Tough tax rules see expats ditch their US passports, (CNBC, 11 Sep 2014) by

Wanna renounce your U.S. citizenship? It’s gonna cost you more. (Washington Post, 4 Sept 2014) by –

IRS Eases Up on Accidental Tax Cheats:  Agency Lowers Some Offshore-Account Penalties, Raises Others (The Wall Street Journal, June 18, 2014), By – Liam Pleven and Laura Saunders

Expatriate Americans Break Up With Uncle Sam to Escape Tax Rules, Record Numbers Living Abroad Renounce U.S. Citizenship over IRS Reporting Requirements,  (The Wall Street Journal, June 17, 2014), By – Liam Pleven and Laura Saunders

New IRS amnesty program offers expats a ‘ray of hope’, Barrie McKenna, Ottawa, — The Globe and Mail (Jun. 08 2014)

Brynner’s Tax Spat Augurs Rush to Give Up U.S. Passports (Bloomberg News), by Catherine Bosley May 12, 2014

The Taxman’s Overseas Reach ((The Wall Street Journal; 2 May 2014)

 The U.S., almost uniquely, imposes a second tax and disclosure regime on citizens living abroad., by: Brett Arends

Number of Americans Renouncing Citizenship on Record Pace (The Wall Street Journal; LawBlog, 1 May 2014)

More renounce US citizenship but deny stereotype
Associated Press

Why expats are ditching their U.S. passports

February 20, 2014

Americans Abroad Can’t Bank Smoothly As FATCA Tax Evasion Reform Comes Into Play (International Business Times) December 20 2013

Time Magazine: Swiss Banks Tell American Expats to Empty Their Accounts (Dec. 2013)

CNN Money (Nov. 14, 2013): More Americans ditch their passports

CNN Money (Oct.30, 2013):  U.S. expats cry foul over tax system

U.S. tax law has some expatriates waiving the American flag (Los Angeles Times, October 14, 2013)

Overtaxed and over there: Loopy tax rules spur expats to renounce their American citizenship: (The Economist, October 12, 2013)

Why I gave up my US passport:  (BBC News, October 1, 2013)

Why are Americans giving up their citizenship?: (BBC News, Washington, September 26, 2013)

Americans turn in passports as new tax law hits: (CNN, September 5, 2013)

Why are so many American expats giving up citizenship? It’s a taxing issue: (Global News, August 15, 2013)

Number of Americans Renouncing Citizenship Surges: (The Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2013)

Americans Renouncing Citizenship Jumps Sixfold As Tax Law Looms: (The Huffington Post, August 12, 2013)

U.S. Expats Balk at Tax Law: (The Wall Street Journal, August 12, 2013)

IRS Releases List Of Americans Hoping To Expatriate, Number Tops 1,000: (Forbes, August 8, 2013)

 How to Lose Friends, Citizens and Influence; The U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act seeks to co-opt foreign banks as long-arm enforcement, (Wall Street Journal – Opinion  – Colleen Graffy: 17 July 2013)

U.S. citizens ditch passports in record numbers: (CNN, May 8, 2013)

American Expat Taxpayers Would Rather Ditch Citizenship Than Face New IRS Rules: (The Huffington Post, November 9, 2012)

For Americans Abroad, Taxes Just Got More Complicated, (New York Times), by David Jolly (April 15, 2012)

Should You Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship?: (The Wall Street Journal, May 18, 2012)

More (Wealthy) Americans Are Renouncing Citizenship: (The New York Times, Economix, June 16, 2011)

More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship: (The New York Times, April 25, 2010)

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