Trendlines Show United States Citizens Renouncing at Historical Levels

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Graphs and charts are a nice way to show key pieces of information quickly.  The charts I create showing the numbers of U.S. citizens (“USCs”) who have renounced their citizenship help me better understand and track the detailed data behind the graphs.

In this vein, I have added trend-lines to two of the graphs that reflect the total annual and quarterly numbers of individuals who have renounced over the last few years.

The trend-lines are the blue dotted lines in each chart.  The first chart reflects annual renunciations over a longer period of time, which is compressed much more along the “x axis” – i.e., the horizontal axis.  The trend of USCs who are renouncing looks quite dramatic in this chart; a giant ski slope heading upwards fast.  Trendline Included - USC Annual Renunciations - 2000 through 2015

The next chart includes many more data points along the “x axis” spread out over a shorter period of time, which is also reflected by the dotted blue trend-line.  Accordingly, the trend-line appears to be a more gradual increase of USC renunciations.

Trendline Included - USC Qtr Renunciations - 2008 through 2016 1st qtr

Nevertheless, both show the trend over time as increasing substantially over time.

As has been explained in prior posts, those U.S. citizens who are considering renouncing U.S. citizenship should not take the decision lightly unless they want to be a “covered expatriate” with various adverse U.S. tax and legal consequences.

See, for instance the following prior blogs, Revisiting the consequences of becoming a “covered expatriate” for failing to comply with Section 877(a)(2)(C).

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