New Record of U.S. Citizens Renouncing – The New Normal

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The U.S. Treasury released the names of those who renounced U.S. citizenship for the 4th Quarter of 2014.  The year 2014 again saw a record number of U.S. citizens who renounced.Expatriates US citizens renounced chart through 2014

See, Qtr 2 Numbers (2014) and Names of Former U.S. Citizens are Announced – 576 Who Renounced

The names of each citizen can be located in the list published in the Federal Register.

I have updated my diagram to reflect the numbers to date, through the end of 2014, which were recently released.

There are a number of key considerations and strategic decisions that most all U.S. citizens need to consider prior to renouncing citizenship.  See, for instance –

Can the U.S. Federal Government Bar Entry into the U.S. to a U.S. Citizen without a U.S. Passport?

Global Entry, SENTRI and NEXUS after Renouncing – the “Trusted Traveler Programs” – SAFE TRAVELS!

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