The Number of LPRs “Leaving” the U.S. is 16X Greater than the Number of U.S. Citizens Renouncing Citizenship

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The focus of Tax-Expatriation is to discuss legal matters of U.S. citizenship renunciation-relinquishment and lawful permanent residency abandonment.Chart - USCs Who Renounce Compared to LPRs who Abandon

There have been a great deal of resources discussing the number of USCs residing outside the U.S. and those who ultimately renounce citizenship.

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Wow, the number of 2,999 U.S. citizens who renounced in the year 2013 shattered the prior record set in 2011 of 1,782 renunciations. Why so many renunciations?

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There has not been any detailed discussion of the number of LPRs who leave the U.S. annually.  The data provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reflects about 16 times more LPRs formally abandon their lawful permanent residency status by filing Form I-407 compared to U.S. citizens who renounce. The chart here shows a comparison for the years 2000 through 2013 of the total (i) USCs who have renounced compared to (ii) LPRs who have formally abandoned that status.USCIS Table of I-407 Abandonments

Note that for the year 2013, it is only through May 2013, so the total abandoned for the entire calendar year 2013 could well exceed 20,000.

Of course, this statistic does NOT identify the number of total current 13.3+ million LPRs who leave the U.S. to live elsewhere in another country without completing Form I-407 and formally abandoning.  The estimated number of LPRs was 13.3 million for the year 2012 as reported by the Office of Statistics of the DHS. See, Estimates of the Legal Permanent Resident Population in 2012

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