The University of San Diego School of Law – Procopio International Tax Institute Covers Topics of Interest for Expatriation

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The 10th annual conference, going on right now in San Diego, covers several courses of interest to those who are considering renouncing U.S. citizenship or abandoning their lawful permanent resident status.

The courses include the following (October 30 and 31):


Course 2A: Recent Developments in Individual International Tax Compliance

David Horton, Esq.,Director, International Individual Compliance – IRS

 Patrick W. Martin, Esq. – Procopio


Course 5A:International Tax Audits & International Tax Appeals
Moderator: Eric D. Swenson, Esq.  Procopio

Ms. Ursula Gee, Esq. – IRS Examination Division
Russell McGeehan, Esq. – IRS Appeals Division
Lic. Sergio Luís PérezPriceWaterhouseCoopers
Beth Wapner, Esq., Vice President Tax and Trade – Qualcomm Inc.
Lic. Sergio A. Lopez SolanoRepresentative of the International Tax Audit Administration– SAT


Course 6B: OVDP – Opt Out with New IRS 2014 Rules
Jon P. Schimmer, Esq. – Procopio
Daniel Price, Esq., Chief Counsel for Abusive Tax Avoidance Transactions at SBI
Martin Press, Esq. – Gunster LLP


Course 8A:OVDP Civil FBAR Penalities After Zwerner
Patrick W. Martin, Esq. – Procopio
Martin Press, Esq. – Gunster LLP
Steven Toscher, Esq. – Hochman, Salkin, Rettig, Toscher & Perez P.C.


Course 10B:International Transactions and Title 31 Asset Forfeiture Actions
Patrick W. Martin, Esq. Procopio
Richard Pietrofeso, Esq.
Area Counsel – Criminal Investigations, IRS
Daniel Silva, Esq.,
Assistant U.S. Attorney – Department of Justice (DOJ)
Maria Alvarez, Esq.,
Special Agent – Criminal Investigations, IRS
Wayne McEwan, Esq.
Wayne A McEwan & Associates


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