Collateral Affects of Renouncing U.S. Citizenship & LPR status – U.S. Driver’s License

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Renouncing USC or formally abandoning your LPR can have consequences that you may not have contemplated.  For instance, many States in the United States will not issue or renew a driver’s license to a non-USC who has a certain immigration status.

As an example, Delaware will not issue a driver’s license to someone who has an A-1, A-2, B-2, B-1, or WB visa holder.

Other States, such as Texas have extensive requirements, depending upon the immigration status of the former USC or LPR.CA DMV drivers license samples

California laws restrict many non-citizens from having a driver’s license.  California does accept a Canadian passport or birth certificate as a valid document and proof of eligibility.  Also a valid Mexican border crossing card (aka “laser visa”) with a valid I-94 is acceptable in California.  See, California DMV.

Almost every State has a different set of unique rules.  See, for instance, New Hampshire, New York, Florida, Washington State, Illinois and Washington, D.C.  Illinois, for instance, has a law passed in 2013 that allows a driver’s license to be issued to an “undocumented” temporary visitor.Illinois drivers license

Washington State currently has one of the most liberal set of rules for obtaining a license; including acceptance of “multiple documents issued by: Mexican government [&] Guatemalan government

Of course, if you are living almost exclusively outside the U.S., a driver’s license from a State within the United States, will certainly not be necessary.  However, some U.S. insurance companies will not provide certain insurance coverage for non-citizens without a U.S. driver’s license.  Losing your U.S. driver’s license may be little more than an inconvenience.



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