Should the U.S. government consider it a positive development that about 3,000 citizens renounced in 2013?

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US PassportSome view this number to be a statistical blip; considering there are some 13.3 million lawful permanent residents (“LPRs”) many of whom are trying to become U.S. citizens. See, Rytina, Nancy; Estimates of the Legal Permanent Resident Population in 2012, Office of Immigration Statistics (July 2013).

The 200% increase in U.S. citizenship renunciations in 2013 compared to 2012 is still yet a fraction of those persons who are wishing to become U.S. citizens.

If all the 13.3 million LPRs plan on becoming U.S. citizens, this represents a mere 0.02% of those renouncing citizenship.  Assume just 1/2 of the LPRs above are planning on becoming U.S. citizens, this still represents only 0.04% of those renouncing citizenship.

Bottom Line:  There is a big line of people trying to become U.S. citizens versus a very small line of people trying to shed their U.S. citizenship.


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